Monday, October 28, 2013

Building a Movable Alphabet

Movable Alphabet-I was finally able to make time to write this instructions in English.  Hope it is of benefit!In the Montessori environment the Movable Alphabet is used to expose the child to Reading and writing.  It is a fun way to read and write, without the need of using paper.  This work is great for children in Kindergarten and/or children who are beginning to manipulate sounds as they “write” words.     Materials:
  • printer
  • laminating machine
  • laminating sheets
2.     Print the movable alphabet.  You can purchase it at a reasonable price at   3.  Cut carefully through the lines and put each letter in their corresponding compartment.  (I like to organize it in alphabetical order).  Show the child how to carry the box properly; this will prevent letters from mixing.  (Box should be carried with two hands on each side) 

Building a movable alphabet is very easy.  You just need to follow the instructions below:1.     Buy a plastic box with small compartments.  I bought mine at a craft store, but you can also find it in department stores such as Wal-mart.

When children are beginning to write they do it phonetically.  I personally leave grammar lessons for later on, so they do not get easy frustrated or shy during writing.  

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